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Class offerings:

  • Traditional Skills and Wilderness Survival
  • Basketry/Textile Arts
  • Martial Arts and Meditation
  • Ethnobotany/Farm and Garden

Schedule of Classes- Spring-Summer 2012

Classes are $50 per day plus materials fees (varies with the classes)

Bring food and overnight gear. Camping is free. Lodging in the Guest Lodge is $20 per night. Kitchen is fully equipped but bring all food and beverages.

Spring Basketry Materials Harvest- Come be a-peeling
2 weekends of peeling bark strips and shoots. We will focus on Cherry bark, willow, maple and ash. Also available for peeling are small willow and hazel shoots.

Come one or all 4 days- April 28-29, May 5-6

Introduction to Watertight basketry
Learn about the variety of Western basketry used for cooking and carrying water with an overview of materials and techniques. We will start 3 styles or you may focus on one- Great Basin water jug with pine pitch, coiled willow 3-rod basket, twined conifer root basket.

Materials fee- $90

June 30- July 1

Wrapped Twining
An overview of this wonderful technique in western North America and Asia. We will use cedar bark, sedge, cattail, beargrass, seagrass and horsetail to learn the coastal technique and dogbane, sedge and cornhusk to learn the inland style.

Materials fee- $50

July 7-8

Birch Bark Mad Weave with Dawn Walden
This class for advanced weavers will make a mad weave tray in birch bark, split willow and spruce roots. Includes information on harvesting and processing of materials and all of Dawn’s wonderful lore and personality.

Materials fee- $150 total ($50 off if you bring prepped willow and spruce roots)

August 24-27

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